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Life's Been Good

Опубликовано: 4 года назад
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Life's Been Good · Joe Walsh
But Seriously, Folks...
℗ 1978 Elektra Entertainment.
Composer, Writer: Joe Walsh
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Brent Holman • 17 часов назад
I Climbed Trees, Cut Them Down & Burned Them Fair Cop
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Victoria Sakos • 19 часов назад
going stay for this Bam of a tune xoxo
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Victoria Sakos • 19 часов назад
checking on Facebook will be back ok xoxo
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d boy • 1 день назад
I liked the song even tho life has not been good
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Elisa Bell • 3 дня назад
One of the few songs that I can remember the first time I ever heard it! FANTASTIC!
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love it!
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Stellar Of Designer Squad • 3 дня назад
i was born in 93, love the music from this era, i just wonder how they made the deep synths sounds about halfway thru.,... shit was WAYYYYYYY ahead of its time and i bet pop culture during that time made joe walsh out to be a crazy hippie criminal... lol
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Eduardo Rivera • 4 дня назад
Too much cheese in this :/
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Wes Graham • 6 дней назад
I am still the same what happened to you guys?!!!!!!
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That One Ring • 6 дней назад
Any other good songs by these guys? I want to get into these guys but don't know where to start.
👍 1
Alex Koon • 5 дней назад
He came from the band called eagles
👍 1
ELITE_BRO • 6 дней назад
The end of this song is the beginning of that gorillas song??? Forgot what it was be conspiracy theory???? Lmao
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Jake Kemp • 6 дней назад
uh oh
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EPIC GAMING • 6 дней назад
I use to love this song when I was little. I’m nine years old and this brings back so much memories
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Mr.Don • 6 дней назад
Love! ❤️
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Rocky Spain • 8 дней назад
people dislikes is song or any are not American!
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SAS • 10 дней назад
Ever spend a long time trying to find a song with just a couple words from the lyrics?
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John Coffman • 10 дней назад
This song is longer than bohemian rhapsody
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John Coffman • 10 дней назад
My Maserati does 185 my fav lyric
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Nate the Music Addict • 10 дней назад
This song makes ya feel good
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Laurie Spergin • 11 дней назад
If my man knew how much had that got robbed he'd be tryinggg help me get it back with all his awesome skills.. God help our brains connect
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