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Max Richter - On the Nature of Daylight

Опубликовано: 6 лет назад
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Taken from 'Max Richter: The Blue Notebooks'
Available at:
FatCat webstore: http://bit.ly/138BrAE
iTunes: http://bit.ly/11htl67
Spotify: http://bit.ly/11htyq4


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Wesley Williams • 6 часов назад
I want to get married to this...I’ve been so lost without you my love...
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LANTERNE MAGİQUE • 11 часов назад
Önce İSMET ÖZEL in Bir Yusuf Masalı Birinci Bab Şivekarın Çıktığıdır şiirinden, sonra da GELİŞ filminin sonunda çalan parçadan buraya geldim.. selam..
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Lorenzo Wayne • 23 часа назад
When you first find out you have erectile dysfunction
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TheTsar1918 • 1 день назад
When I take my life, this’ll be playing.
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Garry Franis • 1 день назад
This song sounds exactly like the song this bitter earth by dinah washington....
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lex Tr3 • 2 дня назад
freezing time
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Joe Fakenamington • 2 дня назад
When you see the ice cream van go past and you ask your mum for money to get one, but she tells you there's ice cream in the freezer :'(
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N/A N/A • 3 дня назад
For me this music is like walking through the cemetery on a cold gray winter morning looking for the grave of a lost loved one that you delayed visiting, because you knew it would be too painful to see their grave for the first time and face the reality that they're really gone.
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David Hernandez • 3 дня назад
Life is strange I fear i wil never understand ...loved ones die just to vanish from this beautiful place we call earth ...here there is so much beauty the skys the moutains the sand on the beaches the moon and stars their is happiness,peace and love.. but there is also misery,lies,hate,war and evil ...I fear I will never unserstand ...why God created Man
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C Teodora • 4 дня назад
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Bobby Bob • 4 дня назад
Out of darkness comes the light ...
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Красная Лиса • 4 дня назад
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Sir Engelhardt • 5 дней назад
for the meme'ers among us.... this... in fact is loss
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Divergente En Llamas • 5 дней назад
This song hits me much more than I can admit, it's beautiful, thank you.
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Techno bear • 5 дней назад
Heard this for the 1st time yesterday. So much beauty in this track
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Luis Jackson • 5 дней назад
I have to fart
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Aalok Ghimire • 6 дней назад
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENZT4q4Kak8 Wrote a poem under the influence of this music
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fiaorru78 • 6 дней назад
Love it in Shutter Island and in Arrival.This is a perfect music
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Ironcross • 7 дней назад
Sono tristemente e immensamente triste e colpito. Amo questo pezzo e Max per aver regalato al mondo tale melodia idilliaca.
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Steve Robinson • 7 дней назад
The movie this song was used in was all a mataphor. He said "let her go.. She's going to be the death of you".. That could mean anything. Whatever is dragging you down, leave it alone.
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