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Florida Lobster Limits!- CATCH Clean COOK

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My family goes out for the start of Florida Lobster Season and catches our limit of 30 lobsters in under 2 hours out of South Florida. I show you the easiest way to clean a lobster. I then meet you in the kitchen to whip up some Grilled Lobster and Lobster Mac and Cheese!
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Lobster Mac and Cheese Recipe! Per request of Amanda and Jeffrey- Happy Anniversary!
1. start a pot of boiling water, as well as set your oven to 375
2. boil your lobsters till they turn orange
3. once they’re cool enough to touch, take a knife and cut them open from the bottom side. rinse out any sand/dirt that may of been left from cleaning. lobster should pull right out of the shell. (Optional: remove some of the skin if it feels thick/rubbery). cut the lobster into bite size pieces.
4. you can cook your family size box of your favorite pasta in the same water you boiled your lobsters in for a stronger seafood taste, Or start a fresh pot of water.
5. place 2 cups of half and half (or heavy cream or even regular milk) in a separate pot on low to warm up
6. in a separate pot melt 4 tablespoons of butter. once melted, SLOWLY mix in 1/4 cup of flour. this mixture will become thick, once it turns golden brown and you won’t be able to smell the scent of raw flour, add the warm milk in slowly.
7. Heres the fun part! Once thats mixed throughly, add the cheese! I used only cheddar because thats all I had in the fridge. Feel free to use gruyere, romano, or a mix of them all. slowly mix in the cheese.
8. add drained pasta shells to cheese sauce, add lobster to pasta.
9. pour into baking dish.
10. for topping: mix together 3/4 cup of italian bread crumbs with 2 tablespoons of melted butter. spread this over the mac and cheese and finish it off with some sprinkled paprika over the top.
11. place in oven till you notice the top becomes browned and the cheese should start to boil. about 15-20 minutes
Disclaimer* I wish I had made my cheese sauce less thick so the mac and cheese wouldn't of been as thick. Next time I will add a little more cream and a little less cheese to have a less thick consistency making it slightly less dry. BUT if you liked the way mine looked then don’t change it!
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Abigail Tackett • 3 часа назад
Ahhh I’m so jealous I love Florida with all my heart and want to move there and be just like you!!! When I’m older you are my inspiration!💖plz respond 😚💖
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Sumran Sopee • 15 часов назад
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Bob Merrick • 1 день назад
Good luck finding a girl like this anymore. So rare. She kills it on every level.
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Sam Vi • 1 день назад
Sao lắm tôm vậy
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Very nice
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Kiran Thumma • 1 день назад
what a wonderful family
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sandy beaches • 1 день назад
Next time try adding cold half and have to the hot roux. Cold milk + hot roux = no lumps!
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Ahmed Ali • 2 дня назад
If I eat dos one I fuck u naiclay
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Tuvana Moraes • 2 дня назад
Só não gosto do sofrimento das bichinhoas serem congeladas ainda vivas..
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hatem Msaddak • 2 дня назад
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Samir Khan Khan • 2 дня назад
sweet girl
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Abdul Jalil • 2 дня назад
very nice vido I Loveu my vs fan
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Bryan Baltazar Carorocan • 2 дня назад
I love lobster😘😘😘
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nice vedio with all what include
bless you all
hi from UAE
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Joseph Tien • 3 дня назад
I love the vid! I hope that you will continue posting spearfishing clips cuz I am a spearo myself!
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Tanya Mai • 3 дня назад
Don’t lobsters have claws?
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Fredy Castro • 3 дня назад
Wow it will be enough for me just smell it hopefully one day I taste one of them. Thanks for the recipe
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Karen Mitchell • 3 дня назад
I can't look she's so beautiful I felt like she could feel me so weird..
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Gary D Flatt • 4 дня назад
A little drawn butter, that's it, grilled. With white wine, sourdough french 🍞 bread. Laguna Beach, Calif. Still plentiful, night diving if you know.
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zeeshan anjum • 4 дня назад
Looking is hot 🔥 love you good work
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