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Foreigner - Waiting For A Girl Like You (Original Video)

Опубликовано: 5 лет назад
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«Waiting for a Girl Like You» (En español: «Esperando por una chica como tú») es una canción interpretada por el grupo brítanico-estadounidense Foreigner escrita por Mick Jones y Lou Gramm en octubre de 1981, siendo uno de los singles que fueron incorporados al álbum llamado «4» del grupo.
Para la composición de la canción fue llamado Thomas Dolby, quien realizó la introducción en sintetizador, quien tenía 19 años de edad cuando se efectuaba la canción.
El single se ubicó por 10 semanas en el puesto número 2 del Billboard Hot 100, detrás de la canción Physical de Olivia Newton-John quién ocupó el primer lugar en esas fechas. También supo liderar la lista del Mainstream Rock Tracks por una semana,2 y alcanzó la octava ubicación en el Reino Unido.3
Se han realizado covers de la canción realizados por Mark Salling, Rick Springfield, Cliff Richard, Paul Anka.
La canción se ubica en el puesto número 80 de las 100 mejores canciones del Billboard de todos los tiempos.
"Waiting for a Girl like You" is a 1981 power ballad by the British-American rock band Foreigner. The distinctive synthesizer theme was performed by the then-unknown Thomas Dolby.
It was the second single released from the album 4 (1981) and was co-written by Lou Gramm and Mick Jones. It has become one of the band's most famous songs worldwide, peaking at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart for ten weeks and No. 1 on Billboard's Rock Tracks chart for one week.[1] On the Billboard adult contemporary chart, the song topped out at No. 5.[2] In the UK, the song peaked at No. 8 on the UK Singles Chart.
"Waiting for a Girl Like You" achieved an odd chart distinction by spending a record-setting 10 weeks in the No. 2 position of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, without ever reaching the top. First appearing on the Hot 100 in October 1981, it reached No. 2 the week of November 28 where it was held off the No. 1 spot by Olivia Newton-John's single "Physical" for nine consecutive weeks then by Hall & Oates' "I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)" for a 10th week on January 30, 1982.[3] (In 2002, Missy Elliott matched Foreigner's runner-up accomplishment with her single "Work It".) A seemingly prescient designer placed the number "2" on the cover for the single. Despite all of that, it made it to No. 19 amongst the Top 100 singles of 1982.
Prior to the release of this song as a single, Foreigner was considered a hard rock band getting airplay mostly on rock stations and some Top 40 ones. This song gave the group more exposure on top 40 radio stations. Also because the song was soft, most adult contemporary radio stations played it as well, giving the group exposure to an audience they were not really aiming at in general. This song was pivotal in exposing harder rock acts to a broader audience.


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Eva B. • 9 часов назад
Que voz tan linda Lou querido.
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Владимир Швецов • 23 часа назад
Да...Сейчас нет никого...
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nathalie tromp • 1 день назад
love this song and still in 2018
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TONY ALLBR • 1 день назад
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maria astrid paredes diaz • 1 день назад
Es nice , cool q Rika música
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IT'S Santy • 1 день назад
La musica de ahora no se va a comparar ni en pedo con esto.
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eder fernandes • 1 день назад
Que viagem :) muito som!!
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Carlos Gustavo Rodríguez Bravo • 1 день назад
lo mejor de lo mejor, los 80 lejos lo mas grande por los siglos de los siglos.-
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Maria Gonzalez • 1 день назад
Hermosisimas melodías me traen recuerdos nostálgicos.
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j callaghan • 1 день назад
lol, i was 2 yrs old, still remember foreigner tho
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Tracey Falconer • 2 дня назад
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Colluru Gandhi • 2 дня назад
Melodious song
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Colin Bell • 2 дня назад
feel like this about my wife, been together 20 years, unfortunately also though this many year ago with the wrong girl.Young, stupid, desperate to be loved don't do it. wait for the right one, not anyone.
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Pantera Pantera • 3 дня назад
Aun que muy niño es música que me encanta hoy ya de adulto!!!!!excelente!!!!
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Cattigerwolf • 3 дня назад
I'm not really a 90s kid I'm a 2008 kid but I like the song :3
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Ynneb Benny • 3 дня назад
From 60 to 80's they are singing quality and very good songs...now a days millenials making noise and non sense songs..
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Fermin Ramirez • 4 дня назад
Love it 🍻
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Don Moore • 4 дня назад
I am 66 years old and still love the music I grew up with.Glad I saw all the great bands. Lol.
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joy96969 • 5 дней назад
Gems from a different era. The golden era of music. So much depth, variety and talent....
👍 1
Julio Cesar • 5 дней назад
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