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Snapped Ankles - Jonny Guitar Calling Gosta Berlin

Опубликовано: 1 год назад
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Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/40DH1vyI7NuAdusX9U13aa
iTunes https://itun.es/de/HARGjb
Website http://www.snappedankles.com/
Taken from the debut album Come Play The Trees available here:
They came from the trees.
Now settled in fertile east London, Snapped Ankles maintain the feral energy of the forest. Fight or flight. Primal motorik rhythms, the rush of white noise and post-punk angles; an aural onslaught played out on homemade log synths, electrified guitars and sticks beating hell on taut animal skin.
Snapped Ankles have flourished in the sub-tropical climes of warehouse and squat parties, moving onto performance art collaborations with filmmakers and shows in unlikely locations such as barber shops, games arcades and the forests they once called home. They plough a singular furrow at improbable angles. The woodwose have discovered electricity and they’re not afraid to use it.


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Nikolay Pavlov • 25 дней назад
Those guys were cool before they became cool :O
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keith-lee castle • 27 дней назад
Think I might’ve found my new favourite band..
👍 1
Sea Witch ***** • 3 месяца назад
Very good live
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Chris Ellis • 2 месяца назад
Fantastic live, not just very good, just wish they played more live shows not just festivals
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Pornography In The Woods • 5 месяцев назад
Such a great video: The graphics are strong, and the motifs reveal the surreal in everyday things.
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alebrije 1800 • 5 месяцев назад
That's what I call cool music...
👍 0
Tiago Mindrico • 8 месяцев назад
Super Mega Hyper Fresh!
👍 1
Tuckwoor • 10 месяцев назад
The Early Years rip off.
👍 0
Денис Ч • 1 год назад
👍 0
Archive Sound & Media UK • 1 год назад
Superb band - better live if thats possible! :)
👍 5
Chris Ellis • 2 месяца назад
No it's not, best live act about atm
👍 0
Re Immersion • 1 год назад
👍 0
Chloe Prout • 1 год назад
OUiouiouiouioui!!!! Parfait.
Keep going great band.
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M16uel • 1 год назад
buenisimo pènse que eran mas famosos
👍 1
Kool Rock Radio • 1 год назад
👍 0
Toze Cardoso • 1 год назад
👍 0
国海 Kuniumi磯谷 Isoya • 1 год назад
Very very fresh !
👍 3