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Mercedes S-Class Coupe 2019 in-depth review | carwow

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This is the all-new Mercedes S-Class Coupe! Both the exterior & interior come with numerous upgrades, from the Panamerica-style grille up front, to the huge infotainment screen that engulfs the dash on the inside. But it doesn’t come cheap! So are the upgrades worthy of the price tag and the prestigious S-Class badge? Join Mat for his latest in-depth review to find out!
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Mark Quinn • 17 часов назад
Cant fault the front or the interior or the electrics but the rear looked very dull. From the back it doesn't look a 100k car. Just my opinion obviously.
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Yash Vardhan • 1 день назад
I would like it if u could compare BMW 8 series and this S class coupe. That would be amazing
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xSixtus • 2 дня назад
Fehlt nur die Konsole und ein größerer Bildschirm und eine Mikrowelle man Brauch garkeine Wohnung mehr 😂
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Aaron Parak • 2 дня назад
Why would anyone pay that looks just like an e class and c class
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Everett Kim • 2 дня назад
Lol the happy ending joke
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Shahrukh Abbas • 3 дня назад
100,000£ is nothing,in our country paksitan every rich person owns a s class I also have one.
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WE ARE VENOM • 3 дня назад
It is BEST.
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Danny Sattar • 5 дней назад
I can afford the car but for that money I'd want either a used exotic or a tesla to drive itself
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Lewis Johnson • 5 дней назад
Cooled seats are great for Texans
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Rahul Gahlawat • 7 дней назад
That carwow ad was so fake. He hid the car name purposely
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timothy wilson • 8 дней назад
German perfection.
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SARTHAK SHARMA • 9 дней назад
Couple speaking is wrong please remember next time.
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Onur • 10 дней назад
Bro u need to jump on TopGear to revive that show
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likaboss7654 • 10 дней назад
Love that color
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Bu Rida • 14 дней назад
How much for the base option
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cokpeotfg4 fcdck • 14 дней назад
coc mi
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jep • 15 дней назад
I love Benz so much. I will own one one day.
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lamenamethefirst • 15 дней назад
Did he just say that the steering wheel is off center? That would be an immediate deal breaker.
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robochitti • 15 дней назад
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Abdla K • 16 дней назад
So bad, no happy ending massage option. Ok - im not buying it.
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